Preliminary Election

On Tuesday, September 26th, 23 Lowell City Council candidates will be on the preliminary ballot. Five will be eliminated, leaving us with 18 candidates in the general election.

We need you to get to your polling locations and vote for pro-downtown candidates on Tuesday. Turnout in preliminary elections is notoriously poor – 3,952 people voted in 2015’s preliminary, only 6.71% of eligible voters. A committed block of angry voters – like LHS Downtown – can cause a big swing in turnout. Every vote makes a big difference in this election!

Here is a PDF of the candidates, listed in the same order as the ballot. Feel free to print some copies out to give to family, friends, and neighbors to help them decide who deserves their vote on Tuesday. And make sure they get to the polls!

Important: There are 10 Pro-Downtown Councilors on the ballot, but you can only vote for 9. Make sure you only check off 9 names or your ballot may be blanked.

PS: We respectfully ask you not to forget Councilor William Samaras, who is the last pro-downtown name on the ballot. 🙂

Download/Print Ballot Primer