The New Lowell High School Campus Comes Into Focus

Perkins Eastman (project manager for the LHS project) presented a Schematic Design Update to the City Council at the January 23rd meeting and it was the absolute highlight of the night. Now that we're deep into the schematic design phase, we're finally seeing some detailed renderings of the new campus. They make this point absolutely clear:

This is the high school that Lowell students and families deserve.

This is NOT a "base renovation", NOT just a coat of paint, NOT a halfway measure. This is a high school for Lowell residents to be proud of, one that rivals Boston Latin and Cambridge Rindge & Latin as the top urban campus in Massachusetts. Centrally located to serve the entire community? CHECK. Reconfigured and expanded to meet the needs of a 21st century educational plan? CHECK. A uniquely Lowell mix of old and new that will be an enormous selling point for the city as it looks to retain and attract new families? CHECK.

Site Plan overview for the new Lowell High School campus


  • A brand new modern gymnasium serving the dual goals of the physical education plan and showcasing the best of LHS athletics to the rest of the Merrimack Valley and beyond. Expected to open in 2022.
  • Brand new state of the art freshman academy building, expected to open in 2024.
  • A 1980 building stripped to the superstructure and completely reconfigured and renovated, expected to open in 2024 (west side) and 2025 (east side).
  • The historic jewels of the renovation process, the 1922 and 1892 (Coburn Hall) buildings, renovated and modernized throughout, preserving the parts you could never replace (the yellow brick facade, the terrazo flooring, the Irish theater, etc). Expected to open in phases between 2025 and 2026.

Moving forward, we'll start to dig further into the individual components of this project in greater detail. For now, it's just nice to finally have some renderings and schematics. So we'll let them speak for themselves. Download the PDF Presentation.

Aerial View of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

Main Entrance View of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

The Quad View of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

Freshman Academy View of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

View Toward Arcand Drive of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

View of Front Entry of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

Birdseye View from the South of Proposed Lowell High School Campus

1922 Building View of Proposed Lowell High School Campus